Environmental protection

STORO systems adhere to higher environmental standards, actively exploring and researching all aspects of construction industry: selection of raw materials, processing technology, production management. At the same time, in regards to the performance of doors and windows systems, STORO always tries to find new solutions when considering energy saving and reduced consumption as a necessary factor in R & D and design; following this criteria, STORO is able to use automated production lines, data and cloud computing, etc., which lead to a quicker processing of the materials and data, required for the production of integrated doors and windows: the end result of the use of the above mentioned technology is reflected on a more reasonable capability of material applicability, improvement in material utilization and waste reduction of resources. STORO uses the most sophisticated production equipment along with the implementation of 7s standardized management, to ensure an environmental-friendly protection and waste recovery throughout the production process. It completely embodies the forward-looking philosophy of STORO doors and windows and actively fulfills the Green Environmental Protection and sustainable development requirements;


More environmental-friendly raw material selection and processing technology upgrade, and also higher performance of system windows and doors;


Environmental protection
Big Data

We use big data tools to get a better understanding of market dynamics, consumer needs and technology of raw materials. By following such data, we can adjust and optimize products in time, provide support for product upgrades or iterations, and meet consumer needs with precise system solutions, so that production, processing and sales become an easy but efficient task;


The creation of a digital ecosystem by using data at the core and powerful computing as the driving force, allows us to improve internal supply chain, strategic partners' and business process operational efficiency. In addition, it lets us reduce costs, increase productivity, and further optimize management costs;


Big Data
Child Protection

According to information released by the Safe Kids Worldwide Organization, accidental injuries are the leading cause of death for urban children aged 0-14 in China. Every year more than 71,000 children (an average of nearly 200 children per day) lose their lives due to accidental injuries. And this serious situation is not much different between urban and rural areas. The death rate of urban children in the country due to accidental injuries is 15.8 per 100,000, accounting for 24% of the total deaths of urban children. Behind every decease, there are hundreds of children who will be disabled for life; the main causes of injuries leading to these accidents: drowning, road traffic injuries, fall-drops;

根据全球儿童安全组织发布的信息,在中国,意外伤害是0-14岁城市儿童的首要死因,每年超过71,000名儿童(平均每天有近200名儿童)因意外伤害而失去生命。而这一严重的情况在城市和农村相差并不大。我国城市儿童因意外伤害所致的死亡率为15.8/10万人,占城市儿童总死亡的24%,在每一位死亡者的背后,还有着上百儿童因此而终身致残;导致这些意外伤害的主要原因:溺水、道路交通伤害、 跌倒/坠落;

STORO system develops solutions taking into consideration children protection: the design of the innovative anti-wrong-operation device (AWOD); creation of a variety of safety locks; safety barriers and window solutions are developed by adjusting structure design and opening typologies;


Child  Protection
Livable Life

Safety [Strength, wind load resistance]: The systems can resist all kinds of natural disasters caused by weathering or man-made damages;


Aesthetics [Look, space] : Art and aesthetics are integrated into daily life, to feel life art at finger tips;


Functionality【Ventilation,daylight】: STORO systems meet the requirements of different types of buildings such as residences, offices, business venues, production sites, etc;


Comfort 【Thermal insulation,sound insulation】: The systems are designed to ensure a more comfortable and healthier life;


Livable Life