Brand history

STORO was born in STORO village in the Alps of north Italy. Since 1898, STORO has witnessed and participated in every development of the Economic Reform of the Italian Window, from wooden to aluminum shutters, to finally evolve into the aluminum windows and doors systems: aluminum shutters were first used in the city of Milan in northern Italy. World-renowned manufacturers of aluminum window processing equipment, hardware, corner cleats, gaskets and other supporting manufacturers gathered here;

Over the years, STORO has grown from an unknown small-town to a prominent developer and leader in the windows and doors industry, from an unknown company to a well-recognized brand whose products are now widely used in the industry. Through historical photos of this small village, it is possible to admire a group of young people, full of passion and enthusiasm, trying to turn their efforts into unique and innovative windows and doors artifacts;


在漫长的岁月里,它从一家名不见经传的小镇公司发展成了该领域无可质疑的开发者和引领者,并使得最初不为人知的STORO成为了倍受认可和广泛应用的行业解决方案;透过历史,我们似乎仍然可以看到曾经的画面 ——小镇上一群满怀激情与热忱的年轻人,正尝试着将他们的创新转变为一种独特的门窗操控体验;

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重在品质·执着创意 Focus on quality · Insist on innovation


Italy is the developer and leader of aluminum windows and doors systems in the world. It is the first country to use Euro groove in aluminum profiles, it is the cradle for processing excellent windows and doors hardware and all kinds of related accessories. Italy is the key supply chain melting pot of various well-known windows and doors system companies. The evolutionary history of Italian windows and doors has also become the history of STORO;

From the initial misty dream, through experiencing the torment of the war to the final renaissance, STORO has gradually become a professional windows and doors system brand integrating R&D, design, production and sales; from entrance doors and bedroom doors to window control hardware locking systems, windows and doors handles series, hinges, aesthetic design of a wide range of hardware. Finally, the company was able to reach a deeper level in R&D and manufacture of supporting products for aluminum windows and doors systems: this fully reflects the STORO brand focus on the industry.

改变才会铭记 Changers will be remembered


The idea of Italian design in the 21st century is to innovate and creatively change everything from the original;

STORO concentrates the R&D on innovative design of aluminum windows and doors systems.

Performance and changes are synonymous with STORO design:  on the one hand, while optimizing the performance  of aluminum windows and doors systems (e.g. tilt-turn windows), the concept of fast installation is also taken into consideration in R&D and design: this leads to changes on traditional thinking and production methods to improve systems performance and production efficiency; On the other hand, in regard to the structural design of the aluminum windows and doors systems, while improving the performance for high-quality products, the aluminum windows and doors systems are designed with the aim of achieving a high aesthetic level, with the objective of giving enjoyment and improve the quality of life by changing the visual appearance.

深耕中国·卓越全球 Focus on China · Change the world


The strategic idea of placing emphasis on the international market and also its own advanced technological R&D and management for systems, have allowed STORO to consider exports and overseas markets as a primary development direction to promote STORO internationally.

STORO production model is based on an advanced management system: in terms of research and development, STORO not only creates and perfects the technical concepts required for each product, but also extends the original intention of research and development to a wider range of human activities.


In 2018, STORO window and door systems officially entered China, set up its operating center in Shenzhen (China) and established a window and door system design office in Italy.

Top talented R&D engineers of the industry were formed for the Chinese region system windows and doors R&D team. STORO expresses full commitment to the innovative design advantages of Italy: the advantages of Integrated Supply Chain, the advantages of experienced successful product launch and the advantages of constant updating.

 Based on the climate conditions and living environment of China region, R & D and design suitable for the Chinese region system doors and windows schemes, STORO launched its Energy Saving+ style and also an Panorama+ style resulting in a high-performance independent system scheme;

In order to ensure the practical integration of the window and door systems design scheme, in 2018 the company invested nearly ten million yuan to build the R&D and experimental base of window and door systems, together with China Building System Windows and Doors Alliance, Energy Saving Windows and Doors Branch of the Real Estate Chamber of Commerce and Shandong Jianzhu University.

Thanks to advanced industrial supply resources of Windows and doors in Foshan (China), we can further develop and upgrade products and technologies by relying on different subsystems of windows and doors industry: practical design, raw material selection, manufacturing, whole process of installation.

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Brand Profile

We also cooperated with BMT to set up a windows and doors systems testing laboratory and developed the related standards: we produce a large number of test samples for testing our predefined index to ensure the high performance and high quality of the STORO window and door systems;

STORO windows and doors system has more than 100 patents whose products passed the United States Intertek and BMT authority testing and certification, and won the "China Windows and Doors Curtain Wall Star Supreme Award".

At present, the company has more than 120 people, including system R & D engineers, system process optimizers, professional technicians and commercial personnel; In addition, we have a factory production guidance service for product customization, product quality inspection management for supply chain, warehouse information management; safe processing technology, standardized operation flow, 5S workshop management, order and service management (OSM) system, professional talent training and so on.


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Qualifications & Awards

BMT检测 北京建筑材料检验研究院有限公司

Windoor Facade Innovation Award (The supreme award)
100+ patent certificates 【PCT4, 25 Patent for utility model , 16 invention patents , 60 appearance design patents】
Intertek testing in the United States
BMT Testing Beijing Building Materials Testing Academy Co. Ltd

Qualifications & Awards
Enterprise core value
Enterprise core value 企业核心价值观
Always find the need, only for better  
始终发现需求 · 只为更好
Strategic target
Strategic target 战略目标
Window and door design·changes people's life
门窗设计 · 改变生活
Corporate vision
Corporate vision 企业愿景
Let the world have a system that's easy to make
Corporate mission
Corporate mission 企业使命
Change the world by changing windows and doors
改变门窗 · 改变世界